Today marked the beginning of another busy week in Grade One! We had a great day today!

My first star is that we got through the whole day without any "free time." We did a formal Writers Workshop and Readers Workshop, and by the time we were through, it was time for lunch!  Our math time was broken up by gym today, so that cut into the amount of work time we had anyway, but the kids worked so well that again, by the time we were finished it was time for lunch. They worked so hard today and were great listeners...until the end of the day (more on that later).

My second star is that we had a great day in gym today! Before we left the room, I made sure to remind them of the consequence we faced on Friday when we had to come back early from not listening. We also reviewed some of the rules that had been broken, resulting in the consequence. Then, I made sure to wait until everyone was lined up quietly "flipped and zipped" to walk in the hall before we went to the gym. Today, they decided they wanted to try out the basketballs. Using equipment added another element of chaos to the mix of running bodies and  loud voices, so I made sure to review the rules a second time, particularly when it comes to listening to the whistle and using the equipment safely and responsibly. Then, my gym helper and I handed out the balls, I put on some music, and we practiced bouncing and shooting. Occasionally I would stop the music and blow the whistle to give additional instructions or reminders (and to practice listening to the whistle), then we continued until it was time to get ready to go. They did a great job!

My step is that I need to be cognizant of their attention span at the end of the day. By last period, my students were unable to listen at their desks or on the carpet, follow simple directions quietly, or behave responsibly. I was just going to hand out one thing for their mailbag, put a sticker in their planner, and have them circle the correct smiley face that corresponds to our behaviour management chart, then we were going to have a brief class meeting. It was absolute chaos trying to do these few simple tasks so close to the end of the day. We had no time for class meeting and by the time we were ready to go, it was several minutes past the dismissal bell (luckily we weren't the only class that was late today). In the future, I will try to put handouts in their mailbags myself, since I collect them anyway, and have my "runner" hand out the mailbags so I can help those that need it and manage disruptive behaviour. Anything I can do to speed up and streamline the end-of-day process should help.

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