My students were very excited about our Tim Horton's centre! They loved it and it provided many wonderful learning opportunities.
Students enjoyed making signs and money for the centre. We talked about money and the different Canadian coins. We also practiced sorting by stacking the cups according to size when it was time to clean up at the end of activity time. Students enjoyed developing their oral communication and social skills by role playing the various jobs within the Tim Horton's or posing as customers. They also practiced their problem solving skills when it came to deciding who would get a turn to work at Tim Horton's. After I suggested we set a timer to give everyone a turn, they have begun to ask to use that strategy to take turns for other activities
as well.

We did two interactive writing activities together as well. First we wrote a menu; students came up to sound out and write down the various items offered at our Tim Horton's and I later printed off some pictures to add beside their
words. This past week, we wrote a thank-you letter to Tim Horton's from each class to thank them for "the stuff" they gave us. I let the students decide what the letter would say and had volunteers come up to write the words. Students sounded out the words, or used resources in the classroom to help them, like a Tim Horton's box or our word wall.

After four weeks, it is again time for a change. This week we will be brainstorming ideas for a new dramatic play centre for after March Break.


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