Today was one of those days that make up for all the rough days. My kindies are to blame; they were so cute!

The weather was so beautiful today so I decided to take them outside for our gym period to play on the "big kid playground" (the creative playground the primary/juniors use). I told them at the beginning of the class that I had a special treat for gym today. Naturally, they thought that meant candy. One little girl even asked at the end of the day why they didn't get their treat. I told her going outside for gym was the treat. She then informed me that "a treat means candy." I smiled and told her a treat can be anything that is special, not just candy. I'm not sure she agrees.

Anyway, I told them what we were doing (big cheer!) and went over the rules. I led them outside and told them they had to stay in line and follow me until I said it was safe to run (we had to walk across the parking lot). As we got close, I could tell they were just itching to get over there. Finally I yelled, "GO!" and they sprinted as fast as their little legs could carry them to the playground like it was an oasis in the desert and they were dying of thirst! Oh, to be a kid again!

Here's how the rest of our gym time went:

One kid goes to play in the sandbox and suddenly they all want to play in the sand. One kid goes back to the slides, and they all want to go on the slide. One kid wants to climb to the top of the monkey bars, and they are all trying to climb to the top at the same time. Meanwhile, I'm writing copious notes about students' gross motor development (i.e. how well they can climb, run, balance, etc) for report cards, which are only a month away.

"Miss Mavin! Miss Mavin! Look at me!"  (times a million)

"Here Miss Mavin, I picked you a flower." (also times a million)

One kid picks me a dandelion, and suddenly my hands are full of yellow flowers as everyone else follows suit! Finally, one kid says they are hot, tired, and sweaty and then they are all complaining and that's my cue to line them up and bring them in! Drinks all around, then we were ready for music.

Just a taste of life in Kinderland :)



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