Hard to believe there are only six weeks left in the school year! Time sure does fly when you're busy having fun! We have been having lots of fun in our class these last new weeks since my last update.
Picture"Bad guy you are in jail!"
For awhile we had turned our dramatic play centre into a police and fire station, complete with costumes and cardboard vehicles. I must not be very good at following the law because the students wrote me numerous tickets and I was even arrested and put in jail a few times! We've now moved away from our discussions on community helpers and have been continuing our work on story retells, so our new dramatic activity is puppets.

Speaking of retells, this is a concept we have been working on for awhile now. I previously mentioned the story telling gloves we have been using, and we have also learned how to retell a story by drawing pictures for the beginning, middle, and end of a familiar story, as well as using puppets to act out the main events.
In science, we planted flower seeds for mothers' day, so we have been exploring what plants need and all of their different parts by exploring and making diagrams. We have also been observing our new class pets, a group of snails, that are living in our terrarium. We have been reading books about what plants and bugs need to live and we have also explored the differences between information books and story books. A recent read aloud, Bob and Otto, has quickly become a favourite.

My students have been quite patient with me as I have been working hard to get through some necessary reading assessments. This means a lot of my time is being spent working one-on-one with students without interruptions. Luckily our classroom volunteers, EAs, and Garrett have been very helpful in settlng conflicts and answering questions while I have been occupied. The students have also enjoyed meeting my friend and colleague Miss Van Allen while I was away at some training sessions for the aforementioned reading assessments. Hopefully I will be able to complete the last of them this week and be able to get back to some small group work during activity time again.

Outside of the classroom, I have also been busy taking an AQ (Additional Qualifications) course for reading and getting a start on report cards. Although the AQ course adds quite a bit of extra work to do on my own time, it has been very valuable...I only wish I had taken it earlier in the year so I could have had the time to try out more ideas in my classroom! Report cards are also a bit intimidating. This will be my first time writing comments for all subjects and strands for a class (make that two). Last year, I was only responsible for small portions of the report cards for multiple classes, as I was doing planning time coverage in kindergarten and grade one. It is a lot easier to do the same few subjects or strands for 100 students than it is doing all of the subjects and strands for only 33 students.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the beautiful long weekend while I'm busy working! It won't be long until the year is over...which means year-end trips, tearful good-byes, and job applications for next year. Now that I have confirmation that I indeed 'made the list,' hopefully I will be able to secure a much-coveted permanent position. Until then, I'll enjoy the last few weeks with my kindies and continue plugging away on report cards and my course assignments.

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