Well, tomorrow is a big day as I face another interview. This will be the first interview I have received since seniority-based hiring (Regulation 274) was implemented in my board. There are plenty of people in my board who have been at it longer than I have, but I guess most of them didn't apply for this opening. I'm quite excited about it because although it is only 0.4 FTE, I will get a taste of all the things I love: Kindergarten, Grade 1/2 and art.

I'm really excited to have this opportunity! It will give me a chance to draw on my experience from last year because I will be teaching some of the same subjects and grades. I would be teaching Kindergarten and Grade 1/2 computers, gym, and health, as well as Grade 4 art. It's a mish-mash of planning time coverage, but it would be great to be back into a school and classroom on a regular basis, making connections with kids and colleagues. I feel like I could bring the right mix of experience and personality to this position. My experience teaching gym to Kindergarten and Grade 1 students last year, will allow me to use some of my lessons and assessments from last year, and build on those lessons. I'm especially looking forward potentially teaching art again! I love art, it was always my favourite subject in school, and I'm really passionate about developing my students' creativity. I would love to modify and try some of my first grade art lessons from last year with junior students and see what they create. I look forward to digging deeper and using more complex techniques to create wonderful works of art. I would also love getting to work with both primary and junior students; I always seem to go back and forth with which division I would like to end up teaching. I love the Kindies with all their cuteness and curiosity, and older primaries with their enthusiasm and love for school; I also love juniors for their maturity, individuality, and ability to grasp more complex concepts. It would be great to build on my previous experience and also gain new experience at a new school.

However, there is a downside. I know my competition. One of my best friends is also being interviewed for the job and she has been teaching for longer than I have, and has similar LTO experience. Plus, there are 3 others besides that will be interviewed, who likewise probably have more experience than I do. It's easy to start telling yourself that you don't deserve the opportunity, that others have worked just as hard for longer and they deserve it more. It's easy to think of your shortcomings, all the criticism you've received, and doubt your worthiness. But I can't do that. I won't do that. I will wish my competition luck, but I won't give in to doubt and I will fight for what I want, and what I want is this position. So I will think positively, go confidently, and blow them away. Wish me luck!

brad mavin
01/27/2013 12:16pm

Love you baby, I wish you all the best and pray you get the position. love the website. If your interviewers look at this site it would probably give you the job, hehe


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