Well, I just completed my first permanent contract interview at my school. I've never been so nervous! I thought I'd record my reflections while it's all still fresh in my mind.

Was it my most stellar interview? Unfortunately, no. It wasn't entirely what I expected, but I wasn't thrown off by the questions either. It was just way more specific than any other interview I've done. It was for 2 kindergarten positions, a full-time and a half-time contract. The questions were very specific to Kindergarten, especially literacy, which is unfortunate for me because I haven't had any direct experience teaching Language at all this year. They also didn't ask many of the questions I had anticipated; they were all very program based.

I think I did a pretty good job of discussing my philosophy of Kindergarten, talking about the FDK program and how Kindies learn, but it's really hard to say. When it came to the assessment question, it was focused on literacy, and as I said, I'm at a disadvantage on that front. I also have pretty limited experience with formal assessments in Kindergarten, like Running Records. I have pretty limited experience with assessment period, other than the assessments I have done this year; you don't usually do much assessing as an OT.

When they asked if there was anything I'd like to add, I was sure to tell them all about me and what I do outside of school that my principal probably isn't aware of (he just came to our school in March). I should have opened my laptop at that point, at least to show them I have an online portfolio and have some pictures on the screen of things I've done, but I was just thinking about getting through the end of the interview! I wish they had asked questions that tied into some other things I have posted on this site, but oh well! If I get an interview for the primary planning position, hopefully I'll be able to talk more about what I've done this year and show some examples.

The most nerve racking part of it is knowing you're going up against your co-workers, especially the ones that are already in that position. I know that they will be able to talk more specifically about things they did this year and be more familiar with some of the ins and outs of the job. I just hate competing against friends, although I know we will be happy for each other, whatever the outcome.

I guess everything is in the hands of the administrators now. I won't hear the outcome until the weekend, so until then, I'll try not to think too hard about it!

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