I had an interview last week. Bad news: I didn't get the job. Good news: one of my best friends did. I also received some good feedback and landed another interview at a different school for a different job for tomorrow! The principal told me that I interviewed really well, and it really came down to fit; my friend's teaching style and personality seemed like the best fit to work with her new teaching partners.

The job I will be interviewing for tomorrow also seems like it will be a better fit for me than the planning time position I interviewed for last week. Although this position is only a month long, it is full-time and in Kindergarten, which will give me the kind of experience I didn't get from my LTO last year. I'll have the chance to see the full program in action, and be involved in all aspects of the planning and assessment. I hope that I can come across just as strongly tomorrow as I did last week (despite feeling like it wasn't my best interview), and be the right person for the job. Wish me luck (again)!

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