I'm really excited about some of the things we've been doing in science. We have been learning about living and non-living things, a unit that was initiated by my students' interest in how apples and pears I brought in for a snack were grown. We have watched a video, explored outside, read books, and had lots of discussions about what the students already know in regards to the needs of living things. In Language, we have also learned about non-fiction books and various text forms that are used in non-fiction texts. The students have asked to plant seeds and tomorrow we will be starting inquiry projects about a living thing that they will choose. It has been great to see them engaged in a topic and for me to begin understanding what learning styles they prefer; the video yesterday was definitely a winner.

I have three steps I want to work toward right now. One is getting a start on my progress reports. I already have ideas in my head, but when I actually sit down to do it there are always areas where I want more data for certain students before commenting. My other step is to take a good look at long range plans and get mine put together for the year. I have a few I have been using as a guideline, but the needs and interests of my students have sometimes made me make changes to the order in which we cover various areas of the curriculum. So, I will need to go through and adjust my long range plan to reflect the direction we are headed in and where I see things progressing as we move forward through the year. My last step is to incorporate more instructional strategies that target kinaesthetic learners. The more I can incorporate all three learning styles--visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic--the more engaged my students will be, particularly my busy, active boys.

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