I haven't posted for awhile because I have officially entered survival mode. Student behaviour has been declining dramatically over the past few weeks and I have been leaving work feeling frustrated and defeated. I've had discussions with my principal and our school's CYW about imlementing a new classroom management system, so I am hopeful that it will help turn the tide and start moving things back in a positive direction.

In the meantime, one of my colleagues suggested that I take time to reflect on one positive thing that happened each day and record it in some way. Working at a challenging school like ours, it is easy to get worn down and forget to take care of our own physical and mental wellbeing. I need to get back into my "stars and steps" reflections that I had been doing so I can keep in mind the good moments from the day and have an idea of where to go next.

With meetings and other commitments after school everyday this week, I might not get to it, but I'm going to try, starting tomorrow!

PS - I've started using stars and steps in my class to give students feedback on their writing, and so far I think it has been working well.

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