Party cups from the dollar store
I found these paper cups in several colours at several dollar stores and they are great for building, patterning, sorting, and all sorts of other learning. They are easy to store, inexpensive, and fun! I actually stole this idea from a picture I saw in the "Thinking it Through" FDK document.

Snow in the water table
It was fun to wear our mittens and make sculptures out of snow indoors! You can link this activity to science and describing natural events, and it is a great sensory activity to improve fine motor skills. The only challenge is dumping it out and filling it up as it melts. This is another idea from "Thinking it Through."

Gloves for retelling stories
After seeing the poster posted online by a fellow teacher, I went out to the dollar store to get some light coloured gloves in adult and kid sizes to use as props when retelling stories. This will be a focus in language when school starts up after March Break. Being able to recall and retell a story is an important strategy for reading comprehension.


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