Bullying seems to be getting worse, not better. Perhaps we are just more aware of it, and what it can do to victims. Either way, messages about bullying have been getting a lot of attention. The following is a selection of videos that deal with the subject.

The first two videos are "Rants" by Rick Mercer. The first was aired in 2007 and the second was aired in October in response to the suicide of Jaime Hubley. Rick calls for other public figures who are gay to step up and be role models for our struggling young people. Some other well-known Canadians who happen to be gay include Rick Mercer, Douglas Coupland (author), Mark Tewksbury (Olympic swimmer), Rufus Wainwright (singer), and Scott Brison (politian).

This last video, called "LOSERS," is a very powerful look at bullying that is sure to move you. I won't comment beyond that, just watch and reflect. *Warning: offensive language*

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