Well, tomorrow I head back to school after a nice, long break. I did a lot of planning and prepping for the rest of the year, or at least the rest of the month, and felt prepared...until tonight. Suddenly, I feel like I should have done more or spent more time going over things. I feel like this is my last opportunity to prepare for the rest of the year, but I have to remind myself that there will be more time. There are still weekends, planning periods, downtime before and after my scheduled day, plus March Break in the not-so-distant future. I think I hit my stride before Christmas, but I feel like tomorrow is my first day all over again! Hopefully the kids haven't forgotten everything we did before the break, not to mention the routines and expectations I put in place.

But there are also things I am looking forward to. I'm actually excited about having to get up early again; I've felt a bit out of sorts this week being out of my routine. I'm not a morning person, but getting into a routine certainly helps!  I also found out that I will be participating in the NTIP mentoring program (New Teacher Induction Program), so I will have another person to guide and support me. I'm looking forward to teaching some of the lessons I have planned and finishing up units that we are mid-way through.

I'm not looking forward to getting through the assessments though; those can be a pain with my first graders unable to complete extensive written tasks independently, which means I need to do at least a portion of their assessments orally, one-on-one. A time consuming process. I'm also getting nervous for the upcoming report cards. Not only will this be my first time writing reports, I have to contribute comments for about 100 students! I also have to write comments based on units I didn't teach. Hopefully the teacher who had my position previously can give me some insight.

Wish me luck as I embark on the next leg of my teaching journey! 


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