I meant to update my blog after my first day in my LTO....then after my first week. I now have two full weeks under my belt and I'm finally finding the time to write! It has been a very busy couple of weeks indeed. Between teaching, planning, tutoring, working at my seasonal job, attending school events, dog-sitting, getting ready for Christmas, and keeping up a house, there's hardly time to breathe! I'm just thankful I didn't get a full-time LTO! At least I can go into the school before I actually start and stay when I'm done teaching to use the extra time to plan because one period a day of planning time certainly isn't enough when you're just starting out. It is certainly a lot of information to take in quickly and a lot to wrap one's head around, so to speak.

I must say that things are going well though. I feel very accepted by the staff and my teaching partners are very helpful. My principal is also very supportive. I am enjoying having a quiet office to retreat to when I'm not teaching. I think I finally have most of my students' names down pat...pretty good, considering I teach roughly 100 kids over the course of a week. I only have one outdoor supervision duty, so that's a bonus as the cold weather sets in. Although this time of year is already terribly busy and starting a teaching position just adds to the craziness, it is nice to get in there and get a handle on things, then have a long break to regroup and figure out the rest of the year. And the late start to the break this year means I will have almost a full week after New Years to concentrate on planning.

I will attempt to update this a little more frequently, now that I'm getting abreast of things at school. Hopefully this last week before Christmas goes smoothly!

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