We have implemented our new behaviour management plan into my classroom and it has been working wonderfully! Granted, I have had to send a few students home because they were sent to the office 3 times, but many of my most difficult students have had a big turn around in their behaviour. Using this system has also highlighted the need for additional support for some students to be successful learners in our class.

Coincidentally (or perhaps not), my students have found a sudden passion for writing! They have been making books and stories based on some of their favourite characters, such as Scaredy Squirrel and Pete the Cat. It's great to see them focus on a task and flourish within our new, positive learning environment.

Having a better handle on my class and knowing that administration is supporting me 100% means that I'm able to teach the way I want to. I have been able to give more feedback to my students on how they are doing, we've had more time to share our work with each other, and I've been using more of the language the board expects, such as Learning Goals and Success Criteria. When we have our next showcase on Thursday afternoon, I'm confident that my students will have plenty of learning to share with their families.

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